From the start of production, Entrance Experts can relieve you in various areas. This allows us to create a clear distribution prior to the event together with the customer. The lines are straight from the start and we can work out every step even tighter. 

From safety production we can take on the following:

For Entrance Experts, the security of the event goes a lot further than just the security itself. The company also originated from Deworrying. An organization that has been taking care of large-scale temporary events and festivals for over 15 years.

Part of the Deworrying group are a number of complementary organizations. For example, it is possible for customers to place complete pre-production parts with us. We provide services such as:

Apart from these production components, we also provide very unique insurance and the possibility of pre-financing (which is also insured) for the production and operation of the event. You can read more about this on the site