Setting up and dismantling

Between Pre-production and the show days, all puzzle pieces come together during the build-up. It is precisely this part of production that is essential for the optimal use of all our lines. 

It is important for the insurance company that everything is properly documented during the construction and dismantling and that we exclude discussions. It is precisely with all the different suppliers and multiple parties that work with the same stuff that you want everything to be kept up to date. 
Not only can we make this run smoothly by placing our Deworriers on Machinery, Production and Boneyard, we also have a number of extra parts that can provide a lot of rest during this period: 

By placing the lines of communication for the various disciplines with us as a party, not only at the show but also during the construction and dismantling, we immediately get off to a good start. 
As a result, any damage, discussions, and problems are dealt with by 1 party right from the start. The file is maintained in a structured way, the same functions are extended to show/finish. 
No reason for discussions and ambiguities afterward