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Entrance Expert profile:
Who are we and what defines us?

We are driven professionals who, through experience and training, work efficiently and purposefully based on our high standard of helpfulness, flexibility and anticipation.

Entrance Experts do everything possible to ensure that teams enter the field that understands that it is not only about them, but also understands the dynamics between the various parties. To achieve this, in all layers of the security organization, we mainly work with self-trained personnel.

We train our teams independently with Gray or Blue passes in our academy. We do this with our own teachers and program.

Under the guise of 'hire the attitude, teach the skill', we look for the right people and characters to train as qualified security guards. We offer people the opportunity to grow from ticket scanners to producers or project leaders.

Honour existing commitments:

Take responsibility:

Be clear:

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Asking questions:

Acknowledging and Resolving Errors: