Entrance Experts: Welcoming assertiveness

Entrance Experts guarantees the safety of people, property, and interests for medium and large-scale events and festivals 

Safety conceived from festival production

Safety is much more than just the security guards. It has to be thought through during production, but you also want to have everything properly insured in case something goes wrong on-site. By taking on all facets, we provide a total package in which we can unburden you in all these areas.

Our services, short and concise 

To give a clear overview, you can find all our services here. We stand next to our clients for pre-production, set-up and dismantling and show and we can be asked for the parts below.

Planvorming en crowd management als kracht

With a clear division and always enough contact points for the ticket scanners, we ensure a smooth flow for the public. Our goal is to put every visitor at ease, to resolve congestion quickly, and, above all, to coordinate everyone through the entrance in a pleasant and welcoming manner.

Een voorbeeld van gewaardeerde uitdagingen

Leids Ontzet in 48 hours.
5 Locations, 30 tents, 300 fences, 80 staff per days

Our unique multidisciplinary approach ensures a reduction in costs, and an increase in effectiveness and unburdens all parties involved, from the municipality and services to suppliers and visitors.

About us

Entrance Experts is an all-around security company for and by the events industry. The company originated from the need of the industry to apply safety in a practical way, not only looking at the safety of the guests but also looking at safety as a whole.

As a result, the interests of the organizer or producer are served at all times. 

A total solution for organization, production, and operation in the field of safety. An insurance that is comprehensive, clear, and good planning, production, and operational care of issuing materials and services, machinery, and boneyard. Security during construction and dismantling and show with the right camera support and desired to report. 

Thanks to this unique combination of services, we offer the best insurance premiums in the Netherlands in terms of our insurance. In addition, we can manage the entire production pre-financing up to 400 thousand euros,whereby this pre-financing is also insured in the event of cancellation of the event. 

With our partners.

In combination with our partners, we can unburden people and things. We not only offer production in addition to our security service but everything can also be insured and pre-financed with us. We are happy to discuss any type of project to see where we can unburden you as effectively as possible.